Slow Day At Work is not just another humor web site...oh wait, yes it is.

What sets it apart, is the humor you find here is clean! Yep, good clean humor.

If you are bored at work, home or wherever pass some time by selecting a category below.

Read The Blog

A collection of funny stories from my very own life. Not just limited to my life at work, but most of it comes from my work life. More funny if you know me, but still funny if you don't.

Watch Videos

These are some of my favorite videos that have been posted on the internet by other people. Sometimes people never cease to amaze me.

Play Games

Have fun playing some of these quick, yet addictive online video games. Considered yourself warned though, they really can be addictive.

Spam From Fam

A collection of all the spammy type emails that people send to me. These are from family members, co-workers, and sometimes people I have no clue who they are.

Visit Funny Web Sites

These are some other fun web site to kill time on.